Secret revealed ~

As you know, I’ve been working the last months on Somni and Kitty M simultaneously. What I was working on in a kind of a secret was a new type of doll!! I can’t keep it anymore, do you want to know more?

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Spoilers!! The Atelier Momoni 27cm family is growing!

Hi everyone! It’s been long since last update!

There are some exciting news the 27cm line is growing, right now working in two new dolls and hopefully a special surprise ~

I really need a name for the 27cm line! Any suggestions? Some help will really appreciated <3

Please meet Somni, she’s a tomboy elf. Really excited about her cause this face is so versatile!

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Lat day of preorder ~

Today is the last day for the Momoni & Momonita preorder.  Thanks so much everyone, it’s been awesome <33

I’ve been asked when will run a preorder for Nena02 and melo*coton and if there will be Cocoa skin available! Wow everybody loves Cocoa!, so probably will open a little preorder for them this year too. What do you think?

For more information about how preorder works please check this note:

Momoni Toffee skin~

Toffee skin for today! :3
Found this really old tshirt (2006/8) hidden in the bottom of my doll clothes box! And still looks good~
Now need to find where is that drawing… xD


So we are celebrating!

Momoni turned one year old recently and reaching 20k too! Awesome thanks so much <33

I will prepare a special photocontest with cute rewards! So get ready your dolls and camera!

Meanwhile remember preorder for this year still open!

Btw this picture still one of my favorites ~

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