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Testing patterns - LittleFee Ante

Trying out new patterns for LittleFee and YoSd.
Since LittleFee are a bit short need to adjust the patters for a better fit.

This one is a basic Bunka with one pleat in the front, you cant see it because the basting still there :3

Still wondering what kind of dresses want to make for this size.
Cute and funny dresses like the LatiYellow ones look or maybe something more casual? or both? xD

Mariloli dresses!

The new dress collection for LatiYellow/ Pukifee size are available at shop along with some cute Plaid dress for YoSD/LittleFee sizes.

Macadamia - LittleFee Ante

Finally finished, with wig and modeling cute.

This girl is totally making me to start to love again the Yosd size, she is so cute I’m just in love with this mold, Ante is so cute. Definitely Fairyland needs to release a Minifee Ante…. I will go crazy! <33

Finally a Face Up!

Finally my Littlefee Ante have a faceup :D, tried to make her look alike my Pukifee Ante but changing a little bit the tones to mach the ED eyes that bought for another doll but the size is perfect  for this girl.

I’m please with the result but still need to practice more :3

Probably her name will be Macadamia lol

Almost there!

Dresses almost finished!!! been so sick this week, all day in bed, that couldn’t finish this little dresses…

Hope can finish them this week along with some checkered dresses for LittleFee/YoSD.

My LittleFee Ante still faceless and nameless poor girl!! u__u

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