Momonita 27cm artistdoll + Pre Order!


momonita-preorder01Are you ready for Momonita preorder? Cause it’s finally here! From November 07 to November 20th you can order yours, layaway option it’s available as usual ~


Don’t miss the chance to get the new 27cm artist doll Momonita, just like her big sister Momoni but little and cute as a button.

For this first preorder I have chosen a wide range of colors! Also there are two new colors: Petal, a really pale pink skin and Caramello, a lovely tan color like Toffee but with a warmer feeling. Which one is your favorite?


As always for the faceup we got Rakeru’s Sensei as a collaboration and joining for this preorder Youko’s Lair. Isn’t it great? Please check their websites for more info.

Are you not sure about the size of Momonita? Here you have a comparison picture ;3

momonita-preorder-07Please check my Flickr or Instagram for more picture references~ Thank you!











Momoni tiny Momoni~

It’s been a couple of busy weeks, sorry for the lack of updates! And still so much to get ready for Ldoll Festival, hope to finish everything on time~

Momonita sample arrived the past week in a new Toffee red shade, looks great!

The preorder for her will happen next November and will love to offer several skin colors. Please let me know your skin tone preferences!

Also I would love to start sending my handmade eyes with my dolls, you would like to get them even if they still not perfect?

Momoni Toffee Skin!

Just finished the faceup! What do you think?

Really like her in Toffee like a lot! <33
Had a hard time fixing the face up tho, don’t like the new Mr.Clear formula :/


Momoni in Toffee skin will available at Ldoll Festival this next October, are you ready ?


Are you ready for the newest doll? Momonita!

(roughly translated: little Momoni)


Thanks to the 3D tech here you have her! An exciting project that have been working on last months~

She is 27cm tall small, cute and with the same great possibility as Momoni~

Do you like this size? Tell me your opinion please :3
I’m so excited about her!


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