About Us
Lola Palacios
Hello! I’m Lola and this is Atelier Momoni +
my little sewing corner for doll clothes and artistdolls.

The origin

Learnt sewing when I was a teenager at Crafts & Arts institute obtaining a Fashion & Design degree but that knowledge was resting in my mind until I bought my first BJD: Momoni.

Never thought I would sew again but now here I am enjoying making clothes for this cute little resin angels since 2004 ^^


Atelier Momoni is in Spain, Europe, at a little tourism city in the east coast of the country. Warm temperatures, blue skies and terrible lack of crafts shops >_<

Please, about communication, please be concerned that I live in a country that could have a different timezone from yours.

The philosophy: Perfect fit.

Personally own these doll models: SD10/13, MSD/DOD, MiniFee, Unoa Girl & Boy, Unoa 2nd, Unoa Zero, Chibi Unoa, Minoruworld JR/Littlejunior, YoSD/Leeke and Latidoll Yellow sizes. Also got Momoko & Blythe dolls.

I like to make great fit clothes and making them just with measurements doesn't get the best results. That's why I chosen to sew just for the doll models I own.

To know if a certain item will fit your doll just check the Size Table and find out. There's also information about it in the item's description.