Shipping Information

Shipping schedule

Regular orders are shipped 1~3 days after the payment is confirmed.
Be sure to claim your goods at the postal office. In case they are returned to Atelier Momoni + you will have to pay again for the shipping costs to receive them.

International Shipping

Atelier Momoni + ships items worldwide, anywhere in the globe.
The recommended shipping method is "International Registered Airmai (firm)l", which requires customer signature on reception, got tracking number and insurance. Costs starts at $7 USD and arrives in approximately 7~15 working days to most locations.


Every order is delicately and safely enveloped to avoid missing any item. Products come inside a sealed cello bag which is bubble wrapped and sealed again, all inside a sealed resistant kraft paper envelope.

Our record

Atelier Momoni + is proud to say that since we opened, in 2004, never lost a package or item.