Hello!, I am Lola a traditional artist and this is Atelier Momoni + my little sewing corner for BJD clothes & hand sculpted ArtistDolls.


I had learn the art of sewing when I was a teenager at Arts & Crafts institute, obtaining a fashion & design degree, but that knowledge was resting in my mind until I got my first BJD Momoni a Dream of Dolls Pitts.
Never thought I would sew for dolls but here I am enjoying making clothes for them.


Atelier Momoni + is based in Spain, Europe, at a little tourism city in the east coast of the country. Warm temperatures, blue skies and terrible lack of crafts shops >_<
Please, about communication, be concerned that I live in a country that could have a different timezone from yours.


I like to make great fit clothes and making them just with measurements doesn't get the best results. That's why I chosen to sew just for the doll models I own.
To know if a certain item will fit your doll just check the Size Table and find out. There's also information about it in the item's description.


Started my doll sculpting experience using as base the knowledge on anatomy and sculpture that had acquired while studying Fine Arts at University and following different Japanese doll sculpting guides, specially the UnoaZero Sculpting guide by Gentaro Araki.

Everything else I have achieved it by trial and error, lot of passion and really hard work.