2018 Preorder Schedule

Posted by Lola 12/06/2018 0 Comment(s)

Hi everyone!


How are you doing? I had a blast at Dollyday BCN thanks so much stopping at my table~
Can’t wait for LDoll Festival this October! Are you coming?


Sadly the last Sunday the Atelier got flooded (luckily got home insurance) and right now can’t t power anything up...

I’m kind of doomed this year but hopefully everything will be fixed in time to ship the previous preordered dolls.


This situation leaves my schedule for the following preorders a bit messy.


The next preorder will be for the Pitusa line (27cm) by the end of this month or early July.

This time the preorder will remain opened for a shorter period of time than usual.


Then follows melo*coton preorder since some of you asked for them to come back, thanks!


Some of you are also writing me for a new preorder for Nena02 and Momoni.
Once I am more organized will let you know about the preorder for them!


This picture was taken by DollyShooter and the girl in the picture belongs to Estefania
Thanks so much!

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