KittyM preorder 2020

Posted by Lola 10/07/2020 7 Comment(s)




Hello, how’s is everyone?


It’s been a weird year so far, hope everyone is safe and things getting better to this new normal life~


I have been hesitant of running a new preorder but I have been getting a nice quantity of messages asking for it to happen.
Thanks so much for you support, really!


So here it is! I am gonna be running a little preorder for KittyM only. What about July 15~20?
It will include a couple of skin colors and the new Quartz color that you can see in the picture.
Faceup Collaboration will Rakeru Sensei will be offered.


Right now it is impossible for me running large preorders so let’s gonna try to run small preorder for each model individually~
So please let me know in the comments below what do you think about running small preorders and which girl or boy (starting with KittyM) you will love to see next~ Momoni! Who said Momoni?! Lol ???? Your opinions are always welcome ☺️

There will be few changes to the preorders:​

- The waiting time it’s been extended to a minimum of 5 months (not counting weekends or holidays).

- People doesn’t realize that I cannot control the shipping companies, customs waiting times or any world issues, this will give enough time to the factory and myself to handle everything in the best way possible.

- Questions related about any importan information about orders/addresses/payment etc, should be sent via email or through Atelier Momoni + FB page.
If you leave a comment in a picture or use instagram messages (not so reliable) probably won’t notice so wont be answered.
Always try my best to reply all of you! Even if the spam folder keeps hating me so much...

Thanks and stay safe! ????

7 Comment(s)

Mayra Robles:
12/07/2020, 08:51:53 AM

Greetings, I just discovered your beautiful dolls. I do want a Momoni girl. Looking forward to order. I also I’m considering the Kitty as my first purchase. Hopefully I will order in time before orders are fulfilled. Thank you. Stay safe! Mayra

Dee Dee:
13/07/2020, 12:10:46 PM

Please, please, please do a preorder for Momoni in toffee and cocoa skin :) I want one so bad!

diane wang:
13/07/2020, 12:25:05 PM

will there be preorders for the 40cm momoni dolls?

13/07/2020, 04:00:55 PM

Yes on the KittyM in light colored resin. I love ???? your beautiful dolls. Starr.Where will notice of details be? Thank you, Starr

Gavin Devine:
14/07/2020, 11:17:22 AM

Your dolls and work are amazing. I would LOVE a Momoni preorder. She is a girl I would love to have in my collection so maybe the next order could be for her? Thanks, Gavin

Elke Boldrini:
15/07/2020, 04:54:45 AM


15/07/2020, 02:38:02 PM

I would love a miniReira preorder! Especially if cocoa was an option or possibly even a new darker brown.

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