Momoni Preorder Coming This Fall

Posted by Lola 01/09/2018 0 Comment(s)

Hi Everybody! How are you doing?

I have been getting a lot of request to release again Momoni, Nena02, melo*coton and Pitusas again.

This year been quite a chaos for me (a LOT happened) and couldn't get organized as I wanted. Sorry about that.

By popular demand I have decided Momoni will be back on preorder this fall, its incredible that already passed over a year since last one! So get ready for late September early October.

About Nena02 and melo*coton there wont be preorder but in stock sales for now.
I really want to try this method for this molds for now to see how it works. Already ordered a
few stock of them but it will take several months until receive them.

About a new Pitusa preorder the next one will be KittyM only as soon she is ready-

I am so excited about her, hope you too!!

Also dont forget that Atelier Momoni + will be at Madrid Fashion Doll Show and LDoll Festival this year.
Hope to see you there~

Thanks for reading!

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