Spoilers!! The Atelier Momoni 27cm family is growing!

Posted by Lola 08/08/2017 1 Comment(s) The Atelier,

Hi everyone! It’s been long since last update!

There are some exciting news the 27cm line is growing, right now working in two new dolls and hopefully a special surprise ~

I really need a name for the 27cm line! Any suggestions? Some help will really appreciated <3


Please meet Somni, she’s a tomboy elf. Really excited about her cause this face is so versatile!

Somni has new torso and hands, this younger body is less curvy but still really nice sculpted.


Here you can see a comparison between the Woman and Younger body and yeah! There is a cat girl on the making!

Please also meet Kitty M! She still has a lot of work left but looking really nice already.


I am working too in more clothes accessories and a bunch of new projects but really got caught by this girls! Hope do you like the new sculps :3

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27/12/2017, 02:58:21 PM

I can't wait for BOTH of these girls to release!! Hopefully one will be available in a blue skin. Or minty green skin. I love fantasy color skins. I saw the rose lavender skin Somni, it will be very difficult to choose! Do you know yet when Kitty M will be ready and what her skins may be?Thank you much! squigglove

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