Kindly Reminder and juicy info~

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Hello everyone,

I would like to send you a kindly reminder:
When joining a preorder PLEASE read the information page before ordering.
The information page it’s been always available here:

Everyone should read it before ordering. Also the same information it is available in every product/listing and you gotta read it and check mark it before proceeding with the Payment.

Messaging me about this will get a reply redirecting your to the previous link. 

As always, please contact me via email (it’s available in all social media and the website) or via Facebook page ONLY providing: order number, real name and the email you used for your order.

I have asked you several times: please not to message me at Instagram about important stuff like your orders. 
My inbox gets clogged really easy sometimes when finally can access to the messages there’s nothing on it it’s all blank. Also there’s no way to archive or starring messages, not either the option of searching inside of individual messages.

So from now on messages at Instagram, post or coments inside post about you order will not be replied. This way we are preventing that important information might get lost.

All I want is to keep things in order and prevent further confusions, it is a common sense request. 
Please remember that I am only one person (like the 99% of the artists) doing all the work. That I am human and sometimes I make mistakes and that I might live in a different time zone from yours and probably it will take me time to reply back.

Saying thhat now some juicy info!
Next preorder around end February/March ts gonna be for the new Pitusa (girl) Adaku in normal skin colors.
After this one litlle preorder for Momoni or Momonik, still not totally scheduled yet
No more combined preorders this year.

I will be assisting the Project Doll Korea next February 1sr, see you there!

Thanks so much for being so kind and patient! Stay awesome ~


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