Fantasy Preorder is Open!

Posted by Lola 15/03/2018 0 Comment(s) New Products,


Finally the Pitusas Fantasy Preorder is here!

From March 15th to March 25th the Pitusas Line 27cm Momonita, miniReira and Somni will be available for preorder in (from left to right): Chicle, Mochi, Dust, Steel, Gamora and Iced color skin.

This is an special preorder only for fantasy skin colors and the first time for Somni and miniReira!

Basic faceup factory made is available to order, changes (freckles, beauty marks, no teeth) are not possible for Basic faceup.
Sadly there is no Basic faceup option for Somni and miniReira since was a last minute addition to this preorder by popular demand.

I will be offering 15 faceup slots for the fantasy faceups that will be made by myself as the sample pictures, not custom faceups.

Layaway is available as always but this time is a new system integrated in the shop.
Please read carefully the INFO sectionbefore ordering.

Since is a new system there might be some issues so I apologize beforehand and don't hesitate to send me an email or a private message here-
Please do not use Instagram messages cause its hard to keep track.


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