The *Don’t Call Me Doll* T-shirts

Posted by Lola 18/05/2017 0 Comment(s) The Atelier,SewingRoom,

Today I want to talk about the *Don’t Call Me Doll* T-shirts. Lately have notice that some people have stolen my design for this T-shirt, not gonna say any names cause they don’t deserve any publicity…

I have created this design for Unoa around 10y ago and still using it actually.

Here you have the link to the original picture at Flickr.  The date says July 26, 2008, and the comments  in the pictured are from the same year.

If you pay attention to my design it has my Atelier Momoni Crown Logotype embed on it, plus I use screen-printing to create the t-shirts not transfer paper, ink-jet printing, etc..

This people have no my permission to use my design and/or make profit of it. I have reported them already.

Thanks for reading.

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