2022 March 01~05 Preorder

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Hi and welcome the new preoder for 2022!

Its been a while since last preorder! This time Momonita and Somni are back in two new fantasy colors Winkle (light purple) and Azure (blueish green).
Disclaimer: sometimes capturing the real colors of the resin its hard, it might look different from what you see in your phone/tablet/Pc.


Blank dolls and Basic faceup is available for this preorder.


Momonita and Somni both are Pitusas Line 27cm tall.


I will restock few items (not part of the preorder) as well.




Important notes for the preorder:

- The instalments is a total of 3. If you don't full fill the three instalment your order will be cancelled. Please don't send random/small payments at your convenience or your order will be cancelled.
- The waiting time for this preorder is 7 months wait covid still making everything slow.
- Questions related about any important information about orders/addresses/payment etc, should be sent via email or through Atelier Momoni.
If you leave a comment in a picture or use Instagram messages (not so reliable in my experience) probably won’t be noticed so wont be answered.

Please remember that I might live in a different time zone from yours.

Always try my best to reply all of you! Even if the spam folder keeps hating me so much...




Thanks so much for joining the preorder!


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