Ren & Adaku Sept 2020 Preorder

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Hello and welcome to the first Petete preorder 2020!! Feel the hype! Adaku will be available as well ~

From Sept 6th to Sept 12th you will be able to order the two new members added to the Atelier Momoni + crew. You can order them in the following basic colors: Petal, Sand, Toffee and Cocoa.


Basic faceup is not available for this preorder but we have again the wonderful Rakeru Sensei faceup collaboration.

Ren is a 29cm male bjd, just a bit taller than the Pitusas. It is a totally new doll but they can share wigs, eyes, shoes and most of the clothes.
Adaku has also a new type body, something in between the Peach and Leaf body. Also new hands more casual pose and Tabi-sandal feet (same size as the original feet).


The Pitusa line is now renamed as Pitusas & Petetes. Pitusas are the girls and Petetes the boys (yeah! there are more to come).
All of them have the same scale and the wonderful pose-ability that you have experience already! and if you are new: Welcome! and I promise you will be amazed by the pose-ability~




Important notes for the preorder:


- The instalments is a total of 3. If you don't full fill the three instalment your order will be cancelled. Please don't send random/small payments at your convenience or your order will be cancelled.
- The waiting time it’s been extended to a minimum of 5 months (not counting weekends or holidays). The extension of the waiting time is cause people doesn’t realize that I cannot control the shipping companies, customs waiting times or any world issues. This extra waiting time will give enough time to the factory and myself to handle everything in the best way possible.
- Questions related about any important information about orders/addresses/payment etc, should be sent via email or through Atelier Momoni + FB page.
If you leave a comment in a picture or use Instagram messages (not so reliable in my experience) probably won’t be noticed so wont be answered.

Always try my best to reply all of you! Even if the spam folder keeps hating me so much...


Thanks so much for joining the preorder! And stay safe <33



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